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Grapefruit Seed Extract --Natural Medicine--Kills Bacteria, Virus, Fungus and Parasites

Grapefruit Seed Extract--Natural Medicine--Kills Bacteria, Virus, Fungus and Parasites

Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) is refined from the grapefruit (Citrus x paradise), a hybrid citrus of Pomelo (C. maxima) and sweet orange (c. x sinensis.)  Stories abound explaining the journey of the Pomelo to the Barbados.  Pomelo is known as Chinese grapefruit and is native to South-East Asia, whereas, the sweet orange is native to the Barbados.  Hybridized in a natural marriage or given help by (man) using early horticulture, regardless, we are blessed with a panacea of goodness that is derived from the fruit of the Grapefruit tree.

Grapefruit is so named because it grows in clusters on the tree as grapes grow in clusters on the vine.  Popular varieties grown in Florida include:  Marsh White - white to amber colored flesh and almost seedless, Ruby Red - pink to reddish colored flesh with few seeds and Flame - red flesh and mostly seedless.

Research Began Accidentally
Research on Grapefruit seed extract began per chance when a Yugoslavian born physicist/immunologist named Dr. Jacob Harich (1919 - 1996) accidentally bit into one of the seeds.  It was extremely bitter this intrigued the young scientist.  In 1963 while residing in Florida, he was able to expand his research.  In 1990, holistic health care practitioners began recommending GSE to their patients for its powerful anti-microbial properties.

At one time doctors believed all diseases were due to bacteria or viruses.  It is now known that a large proportion is actually due to fungal infections and parasites.  Many conditions such as allergies, circulatory disease and some forms of arthritis are to due to fungal infections that weaken the immune system.

Effective Antibiotic
In the latter part of the 1980,’s grapefruit seed extract was tested against a number of known antibiotics and found to be as effective as the antibiotics.  It appears that it is an excellent treatment for the symptoms of food poisoning.  “In hundreds of laboratory tests, GSE has demonstrated its ability to kill or inhibit the growth of a wide array of potentially harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoan parasites.”  (Sachs, 1997).

Anti fungal - Internal and External
Grapefruit seed extract is used for many types of external skin conditions fungal, parasitic, bacterial, viral etc.  It is used for fungal infections of the feet, nails and skin.  It makes an excellent nontoxic spray for burns, cuts, scrapes, insect bites and wounds, killing any infection and reducing the chance for re-infection.  Acne caused by bacterial infections is easily cleared up while GSE reduces bacterial growth.  GSE is an astringent and pore cleanser.

What does pH have to do with it?
Most degenerative diseases are associated with your body’s pH.  Foods that cause a low pH in the body are meats, sugar and most grains.  Grapefruit Seed Extract is alkalizing and it raises the body’s pH.  Alkalizing the body or raising the pH is one of the single most important health regeneration benefits available.  It is claimed that cancer dies in a pH of 8.0 because disease cannot live in an alkaline environment within the body.  The optimum pH for a non-deficient, healthy person is in the range of 7.5.  Grapefruit Seed Extract is considered one of the most alkaline forming foods and of all fruits; it is the most alkalizing.
Powerful Antiseptic
Salicylic acid found in grapefruit gives the fruit another health benefit.  The salicylic acid in grapefruit is a powerful antiseptic.  It is used in toothpaste and antiseptic spray.  You can add a few drops (about 10) of grapefruit seed extract to some water and apply it three times a day to get rid of fungus and wounds.

Herpes simplex virus becomes inactive just ten minutes after the application of grapefruit seed extract.  It removes warts, corns and other skin abnormalities.  It is also used against head lice and mites.  GSE also treats the scalp fungus that causes dandruff.  It is used as a first aid spray, a food rinse and biodegradable dish soap.

Veterinarians and Pets
Veterinarians have used it to cure ear infections in cats and dogs, purify raw meat given to pets, and treat Giardia.  It is becoming more popular as a disinfectant in hospital laundries and for household use as well.

Hospital Disinfectant
A study by the Bio Research Laboratories of Redmond, Washington compared chlorine bleach to Grapefruit Seed Extract and found that GSE was superior to chlorine bleach at killing organisms like E. coli and Salmonella.  Studies like this are proving Grapefruit Seed Extract more effective than common disinfectants like alcohol and bleach. 
Grapefruit Seed Extract is beginning to be used by large incorporated farms and by small farmers as well in an effort to extend the shelf life of their fruits and vegetables instead of using chemical sprays.

Avoid Harsh Symptoms of Herxheimer Reaction
Start with 5 drops a day for 3 or 4 days to avoid Herxheimer reaction.  After 4 days, administer 5-10 drops of grapefruit seed extract diluted in 8 ounces of liquid (preferably lemon balm tea) 2-3 times a day.

What is Herxheimer Reaction?
Herxheimer reaction is a natural reaction that occurs when large amounts of toxins are released into the blood stream from the killed microorganisms.  Possible symptoms include bad mood, slight diarrhea, slight flu-like symptoms, etc.  This reaction proves the body is detoxifying.  It is not good to detoxify the body too aggressively.

A Friends Commentary
My friend, Gaylene, states that she has used Grapefruit Seed Extract for many years.  She finds the taste of GSE nearly unpalatable but has found a way to take the GSE internally at the first notice of oncoming illness.  Gaylene mixes ½ teaspoon of Grapefruit Seed Extract, 1/8 teaspoon of ginger and 1 teaspoon of sugar to ½ cup of milk.  In her opinion, this makes the medicine taste better.  She drinks this special mix 2 times per day, morning and evening until she is sure she will not get sick.

Almost as an afterthought, Gaylene said, “You know, I used a drop or two in everything I drank when I went to Thailand and never worried about the water at all.”

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Some examples of internal use are:
·        Acute and chronic inflammations in general
·        Colds and flu
·        Gastrointestinal infections
·        Gastritis and gastric and duodenal ulcers
·        Candid albicans and other fungal diseases
·        Parasitic diseases
·        Allergies

Dental Rinse: (For healthy gums and fresh breath): Stir 1 - 2 drops of extract into 2 ounces or more of water.  Vigorously swish the water around your mouth for about 10 seconds, 1 - 2 times daily.

Throat Gargle Stir 1 drop of extract into a small glass of water (3 ounces or more) Gargle several times and use as often as needed.

Ear Rinse: Thoroughly mix 1 - 3 drops of extract into 1 ounce of vegetable glycerin or alcohol.  Apply 1 - 2 drops of the solution into the ear 1 - 2 times daily.  Use this solution as often as needed.

Nasal Rinse:  Mix 1 drop of extract with 6 ounces of water.  With head tilted back, fill one nostril at a time with an eyedropper full of mixed solution.  Bring head up and down in a forward motion to force mixture into passages.  Return head to normal position to allow the solution to drain.  Do not inhale this mixture.

Vaginal Rinse:  Mix 1 - 2 drops of extract in 8 ounces of water.  Douche once daily for about a week.

Internal uses include but are not limited to: Digestive Upsets:  Gastrointestinal Disorders, Diarrhea and Food Poisoning.  Infection from:  Parasites (single and multi-celled), Bacterial, Viral and Fungal, Candida Yeast Infections, Thrush and Chronic Fatigue, Oral Infections: Tooth Plaque, Gum Disorders, Breath Freshener and Mouthwash.  Colds and Flu, Sore Throats, Strep Throat, Ear Inflammation / Pain, Flatulence, Sinusitis and much more!

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Shebolith Says…As with all herbal medications, use Grapefruit Seed Extract judiciously and with common sense.  More is never better…Practice moderation in all things.  My stories on home and folk remedies are for information only; they are not intended to be a medical guide for self-treatment.  My stories do not constitute medical advice and should not be construed as such or used in place of your doctor’s medical advice.

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